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【WFC】 减脂减重茶 TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSS (5茶袋 5 IN 1 or 十送一 10 FREE 1 )
Price RM22.50 - RM45.00 RM25.00 - RM47.50
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Once payment has been received, readystock order will be freshly packed and shipped out within 1-2 working days.

We practice key hygiene controls (wearing mask and gloves) at all stage of our packaging process, our packaging staffs also have been injected with typhoid vaccine to ensure the safety of our customers.

【WFC 永和栈】茶疗系列 Tea Series

一个疗程5茶袋 / 5 TEA BAGS IN A BAG
10茶袋送1茶袋 / 10 TEA BAGS FREE 1 IN A BAG

Personalized tea treatments that are carefully matched to your body needs(NO PRESERVATIVES):

- 润肠茶 Tea for Digestion
- 便秘茶 Tea to Relieve Constipation
- 清肝明目茶 Tea for Liver Function & Eyesight
- 减脂减重茶 Tea for Weight Loss
- 清新口气茶 Tea for Fresh Breath
- 润喉润肺茶 Tea for Healthy Throat
- 助眠茶 Tea for Better Sleep
- 提神茶 Tea for Refreshing
- 体虚补气茶 Tea for Energy Boosting
- 养胃茶 Tea for Healthy Stomach
- 养颜茶 Tea for Glowing Skin
- 偏头痛茶 Tea for Headache Relief
- 消水茶 Tea for Water Weight Loss
- 解压静心茶 Tea for Relaxation
- 养肝茶 Tea for Healthy Liver

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This is a traditional medicine. Please consult your doctor/pharmacist if symptoms persist/worsen.