Return & Refund Policy


  1. 您应在收货/交货时立即检查货物是否有任何缺陷和/或损坏。索偿(如有)必须在收货/交付时通过wfchelpdesk@gmail.comWhatsApp +60127890668提交给我们的客户服务;否则,我们将有权拒绝您的交换或退款。
    You shall examine the goods immediately upon collection / delivery for any deficiencies and/or damages. Claims (if any) must be lodged to our customer service at or +60127890668 at the time of collection/delivery; otherwise we shall have the discretion to refuse your exchange or refund.


Please contact us at or +60127890668 if you have any questions or doubts



Goods sold are not refundable.


If you do not want the product received, you may request for a refund but the product should be returned at your own expense and the product must be unused and in its original package. Shipping costs are non-refundable and extra costs which occured because of return shipping will be deducted from buyer's refund amount.


We do not issue exchange/refund if:

  • 产品已收到超过7天。
    The product has been received for more than 7 days.
  • 由于买方控制范围内的因素(例如错误的送货地址),产品未送达。
    The product is not delivered due to factors within buyer's control such as wrong shipping address.
  • 由于【永和栈】无法控制的异常情况,例如快递服务公司的延误,极端天气情况等,产品未能运抵。
    The product did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside of Wen Foh Chan's control such as delays caused by courier service provider, extreme weather conditions, etc.


We will inspect the returned product(s) upon return by you. If one or more of the conditions in paragraph 3 above is fulfilled, you are entitled for an exchange of the product with similar value, provided the product is available in our stock, or refund.



If you discover any defect or damage inside the packaging after the delivery process, exchange can be arranged for the following reason:

  • 门市取货/收货包裹后发现产品已过期/损坏;您可以在取货/收货包裹之日起7天内联系客户服务。
    If the product is expired / damaged inside the packaging after collection/ delivery; and you contact customer service within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  • 如果产品在门市取货/收货包裹时已过期/损坏。
    If the product is expired / damaged upon collection at the store / at the time of delivery.
  •  如果订购的产品与在商店取货/收货包裹的物品不同。
    If the product ordered is different from the item collected at the store/ delivered.